Where the heart is; not home…

I have observed on Facebook that many of my friends are becoming comfortable in their adult lives; they might have a steady job and a steady group of friends. This is beyond just that astounding bubble of people who got married and had kids right away — you know who I’m talking about. But rather, this is the bachelors becoming Adult Bachelors, the partiers becoming professional partiers, the couples settling down.

I have a steady group of friends and a place I want to be; it isn’t here. I find myself alienated when I tell people this, they say “gee, I’ll miss you,” and act like the interim no longer matters since I’m not in it for the long run. People have commitment issues, even to friendships, while they’re in this twentysomething phase of life that runs extra committal. Who’s to say you couldn’t come along, if they wanted to?

You are, you who is decided.

You have decided what and where your life is.

In this economy it seems absurd to make a choice and settle down, you don’t have that much security… unless you do. I have friends with steady jobs they can’t leave now, and they’ve never lived away from their parents.

I don’t know; making friends is hard, isn’t it?

But so is settling for less, right?


One thought on “Where the heart is; not home…

  1. I don’t think settling for less is hard. People will choose whatever’s the most familiar most of the time even if what is familiar is misery. I’d mention a few examples but I’d wager that right now whoever’s reading this has already thought of someone they know or some part of their own lives where they keep settling for less because it’s difficult, scary, and discouraging to work hard and break an unpleasant normality. You need to put yourself out there if you’re going to change things, to do that you need to believe in yourself, and if that was easy then there wouldn’t be so much monetization on motivational assistance in the world because we could all believe in ourselves, chase what matters to us, and we would all be the next Tesla in whatever we wanted to do or discover. Settling for less is way too easy, exploring is hard – but worth it.

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