Some older poems

I need time after
the dust has settled on the bedsheets since you
left; I need time to sit in silence feel
air conditioning on my shoulders, cool sweat on limbs
tear trails; I need time to taste the salt and
wash the sheets and feel air ventilate the room where you
slept beside me, hips jutted out, I clung to the edge of the
bed and slept unsoundly , rushing out every morning
weary and you slept the whole bed taking all my time

I need time after to sleep, sprawled and peaceful
dustless and new and my own, I need time now
to wash away the stains and time now to
chart the path on the map for tomorrow

Female Silhouette


She echoes in my mind
but all i want is everything
lips eyes and shadows
memories and buildings
shapes, contours, contrasts
but all I want is everything
when she turned on me and
she returned to me and
ghosts and color and want
but all I want is everything and
she echoes in my mind
fading figure, who is she?
she is everything
i don’t mind


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