brittle words

Fog in Nyköping harbour

You feel like a lifetime ago
like cobwebs between my fingers
like the brittleness of yellow paper
like the chill of a ghost

I am a harbor of resentment
seething in fogged memories
whiting out the good parts
chilled by your relics

Your ship sunk today, down
down to the pit of my stomach
Ghost ship, never really sailed far, but it
carried your casket away

Kisses like phantoms dwell on my
fingertips, never lifting, ice numbed
Kisses, like forgiveness, only bitterly given over
wounds and scraped knees

Bleeding out the past and
Dressing the wounds in gauze,
I watch the bandage stains brown and your
Scars fade through history


One thought on “brittle words

  1. This is really good. I got an actual feeling from it. It wasn’t like reading random words on paper, it was like invoking a lost emotion. Bravo, ma cherie

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