“Today Was an Interesting Day…” a UDVS+Mindsforge Collab

Today was an interesting day.

“Interesting how?” one asked

“Let me tell you the story of my people…” and so he began.

Meanwhile, one began to scheme and ponder what his own people were like, and as such failed to listen to his story. Wandering off in his own mental labyrinth one, also known as Tom Gibbly, stumbled around his interesting esoteric places. Primarily, he stumbled about the mental intestines and the emotional gallbladder. How dare he.

Job Tumblar, on the other hand, continued to ramble.

“Filly filly! Ramble bust! A cock gobble and a twat racket really jammed up the squiddly-taks today!”

The innards of his mind were much squiddlier than all that, he noted. The humors were dark and bilious as well. He would need to see a doctor for that.

Thomas Gibbly, just was really, like, freaking out man, where was he now? Wasn’t he just with his friend Job Tumblar? Or was that his boss? He can’t even remember now.

All this bile is weird too man, gosh.

“get a hold of yourself, boy-o!” screamed Job Tumblar. The vein on his forehead throbbed as he tried to snap Thomas Gibbly out of his innardly trance.

“Oh glob” Tom said as he snagged his mental foot on his mental intestine and took a tumble into his inner most caverns.

via: Write Something


One thought on ““Today Was an Interesting Day…” a UDVS+Mindsforge Collab

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