Half Empty/Half Full

abandoned wine

It’s been one hell of a month. You win some and you lose some and sometimes you’re not even in the race.

I’ve got an unpaid gig to start soon. I’ve got a portfolio to complete. The month isn’t over yet, and I’ve got letters to respond to. I’ve got chapters to close and open. Valentine’s Day matters; every day matters. You’ve got to live like every day matters. If you don’t, your time just leaks out uselessly and you might waste a few drops, or half the bottle if you’re sloppy.

I’m sorry this is vague, but I’m not quite ready yet. Saying something here, I suppose, is a way to mark the passage of time. The month isn’t quite over yet, and it’s shorter than a real month, but a lot has happened in these few days.

I’ve been accepted, rejected; I’ve accepted and rejected. That’s really all there is to it. Then, there’s dealing with it.

There’s a lot to do.


One thought on “Half Empty/Half Full

  1. You do sound busy … but not too confused. Re the accepted & rejected though – heart UP heart DOWN heart UP heart DOWN… alas. I do relate!

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